Spring 2018: EXODUS Performed Works



Music: Andrea Day

Choreography and Costume Design: Alfreda Davis

Video Production: Alfreda Davis and Ashley Newman

Cast:  Trevor Brown, Mariah Johnson, Kevin Martinez, and Ashley Newman

In My Head

Music: Donny Hathaway

Choreography and Costume Design: Torens Johnson

Cast: Patricia Andress (Friday) and Aliyah Williams (Saturday)

Read All About It

Music: Emile Sande

Choreography and Costume Design: Ashley Newman

Cast: Ashley Newman, Patricia Andress, Maya Holmes, Kathryn Threatt, Kathryn Sumida-Ross

Angels & Demons

Music: L. Young (Sam Cooke Cover) and dvsn

Choreography and Costume Design: Patricia Andress and Kathryn Threatt

Cast: Patricia Andress, Kathryn Threatt, Luisa Ferrari, Kevin Martinez, Sophie Septoff, and Aliyah Williams

In the Garden

Music: Black Coffee

Choreography and Costume Design: Jamie Thompson

Cast: Company

After They're Gone

Music: Soap & Skin

Choreography and Costume Design: Kathryn Sumida-Ross

Cast: Kathryn Sumida-Ross, Mariah Johnson, Patricia Andress, Luisa Ferrari, Sari Wilson, Antonia Simon, Abby Kraus, Kathryn Threatt



Music: Epic Suspenseful Music

Choreography and Costume Design: Ashley Newman

Cast: Ashley Newman, Luisa Ferrari, Abby Kraus, Antonia Simon, Aliyah Williams, Mariah Johnson


Music: James Dooley

Choreography and Costume Design: Dakiya Lambert

Cast: Ashley Newman, Luisa Ferrari, Mariah Johnson, Aliyah Williams, Anne Marie Huntington, Sari Wilson, Sophie Septoff, Abby Kraus, Kathryn Sumida-Ross, Patricia Andress

Fall 2017: Ella and All that Jazz Performed Works


Take The "A" Train

Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Student Collaboration

Cast: Company


Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Alfreda Davis

Cast: Mariah Johnson, Ashley Newman, Kathryn Sumida-Ross, Antonia Simon, Sari Wilson, Aliyah Williams

Don't Mean A Thing

Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Alfreda Davis

Cast: Company

Miss Otis Regrets

Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Alfreda Davis

Cast: Ashley Newman


Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Christopher Huggins

Cast: Company

Cry Me A River

Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Alfreda Davis

Cast: Kevin Martinez and Trevor Brown


All That Jazz

Music:  Ella Fitzgerald

Choreographer: Alfreda Davis

Cast: Company

Spring 2017: Defiance Performed Works


We Dance

Production:  Alfreda Davis, Elizabeth Erra, Ashley Newman

“We dance in tribute to our forefathers...”

Sponsored by a grant from the Working Group on Slavery Memory, and Reconciliation

Prelude: Glory

Music: John Legend Ft. Common

Choreography and Costume Design: Alfreda Davis

Cast:  Mia Campbell, Eizabeth Erra, Kevin Martinez, Ashley Newman, Madison Keefe, Jasmine Joseph, Anne Marie Huntington

“No one can win the war individually, it takes the elders wisdom and young people’s energy”

Mr. Backlash

Music: Nina Simone

Choreography:  Simone Stanley

Cast:  Aleigha Mayo, Kinaya Grayson, Shadayah Gray, and Simone Stanley

Representing the collective frustrations of women of color in the face of oppression and adversity. In the words of Civil Rights leader, Fannie Lou Hamer, we are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Ova Unda

Music: Billie Holliday and Nina Simone

Choreography and Costume Design: Mari Andrea Travis

Cast: Elizabeth Erra, Luisa Ferrari, Jasmin Joseph, Madison Keefe, Ashley Newman, Sophie Septoff, Aliyah Williams, Sari Wilson

“Politics to religion and all matters betwixt, Ova Unda attempts to counter cultural iniquities and biases toward women in America and abroad. The movement in Ova Unda represents the constant tax weighted on the female race and the courage, dignity and grace women must strive to uphold in a male-dominated society.”


Music: Ezio Bosso

Choreography:  Levi Marsman

Costume Design: Maverick Lemons and Kay Threatt

Staging: Maverick Lemons 

Cast: Ariel Calver, Elizabeth Erra, Maya Holmes, Kevin Martinez, Ashley Newman, 

Antonia Simon, Aliyah Williams

"Inspired by the Dallas police shootings in July 2016 "

We’ve Got the Key To the World

Music:  Shanshan Li

Choreography and Costume Design:  Joy Wang

Cast: Elizabeth Erra, Maya Holmes, Jasmin Joseph, Madison Keefe, Antonia Simon, Joy Wang, Sari Wilson

Reading is considered the key to knowledge and success. As young women who get the chance to learn about the world through reading, we treasure this great opportunity and fight for others to have this same freedom.” 



Music: Tamela Mann

Choreography and Costume Concept: Alfreda Davis

Costume Design: Kay Threatt

Cast: Jaleesa Sharp, Mia Campbell, Maya Holmes

“Take me to the king and leave me at the Throne”


Music: Beyonce Knowles and Epic Suspenseful Music

Choreography and Costume Concept: Ashley Newman

Costume Design: Deb Sevigny

Cast: Allison Del Castillo*, Sierra Cribb*, Elizabeth Erra, Madison Keefe, Ashley Newman, Rachel Shapiro*, Madison Scott Rhode*, Joy Wang*, Aliyah Williams*, Lexi Zintel*

“It is your job in life to find your beauty. Once you have discovered it, you have a responsibility to be unapologetically you.”

New Fruit (World Premier 2017)

Music: Nina Simone/Erykah Badu featuring Nas

Choreography and Costume Concept: Christopher Huggins

Assistant to Mr. Huggins: Levi Marsman

Soloist: Sierra Cribb Soloist: Jaleesa Sharp

Cast: Sierra Cribb, Elizabeth Erra, Luisa Ferrai, Anne Marie Huntington, Madison Keefe, Kevin Martinez, Ashley Newman, Antonia Simon, Jaleesa Sharp*

"New Fruit" is a glimpse into the unchanged landscape of the cycle of sanctioned violence on black and brown bodies in America. This moving meditation physicalizes what is the bitter harvest that America continues to reap.